Miranda was born a Russian Princess and lived in a big palace with her family near St Petersburg until one night scary men with guns raided their home and brutally murdered her entire family. She escaped death and disappeared into the night never to be seen again, though sightings of the beautiful princess were to be reported for years afterwards. She spent most of her childhood in hiding, living with a pack of huskies in the Siberian wasteland. Tired of life in the pack she craved human contact and decided to move to England and disguise herself as a comedy genius.

She started out performing with sketch group 'Clever Peter', before leaving to star in the horror/comedy feature film 'Reykjavik Whale Watching Massacre' alongside the original 'Leatherface' himself; Gunnar Hansen.
Miranda spent several months working on the film out in Iceland and returned several days before its financial meltdown, thus escaping any blame and the need to partake in Iceland's number one pastime; suicide.
Returning from Scandinavia to find that she had in fact not become an overnight Hollywood success, Miranda decided to return to her comedy roots...

One day whilst hanging around King's Cross, Miranda came across what looked like two tramps living on the street. Being of a charitable and kind hearted nature Miranda took them to a nearby cafe for a hot meal and a cup of coffee. It was in that fateful cafe that Miranda saw some comedic potential in these two reprobates - Steve, a sort of Ginger Hugh Grant and Dave, a dangerous ape of a man-boy. She entrapped them into a soul binding contract written in grease from a number 2 with no Mushrooms. 'Hennessy and Friends' was born...

Miranda is currently working on her first full length sitcom script.